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Projects in Development

Stacie Capone  

Writer / Director: Shari Berman

A twisted tale about a 12 year old amputee, her eccentric grandmother and the holocaust ghost that lives in the attic.

I play Katherine, the owner of the coffee shop where the locals congregate. She’s an Italian American Catholic who’s obsessed with cleaning. 

Writer / Director:  Don Downie 

*Nicholl Fellowship SemiFinalist

Writer / Director: Don Downie

A white, mid-30s photographer moves to Detroit to try for a fresh start in its hipster arts scene. Instead, his world is turned upside down by a gifted 11-year-old black girl -- who decides that the best way to achieve her potential is to hijack his white privilege. Through a series of misadventures, they find something truly worth fighting for: each other.


Little Miss Sunshine meets Dear White People in this heartfelt family comedy about race, ambition, and finding one's place in the human family.

I play Jenna, a thrift store hipster nerd, assistant to the lead character and a photographer herself

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