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My film career started when the actors' group I founded decided to make a short film a month for a year....We ended up with 11 short films, (we gave ourselves November off for good behavior). Out of that grew my production company, Small Media Extra Large. From there, I went on to produce an Indie TV pilot, the first interactive web series and parody ads entitled I'm a Democrat, I'm a Republican.  Needless to say, those got a few views on youtube and even more comments (not all of them nice) They were commissioned by the Norton Anthology and also brought the attention of execs at Nickelodeon who hired us to make an original web series. 

Next I ventured  into corporate video and the commercial world.  My company went on to produce content for Thompson Reuters, Deloitte, Allstate and many others.  We even produced a series of segments for the 49th season of Sesame Street. 

I've produced music videos, award winning short films, a feature film, branded content, web series, corporate video, commercials and digital content. 

I take pride in producing projects that are not only efficient and on-budget, but also wonderful places to work and create. I bring the precision of a fine hostess to the creative energy and tough-mindedness of a successful producer


I've also spoken on panels at SXSW and the New Haven Film Festival about producing Indie Film. 

TheEvolution of a Producer
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